01. Live Events

02. Exhibition Design and Build

03. Digital Media

04. Graphic Design

04. Film & Video

  1. 01. Live Events

    From conceptualisation to implementation, Summer will create a bespoke event that meets your objectives and requirements.

  2. 02. Exhibition Design and Build

    From the design to the building stage, we strive to create an exhibition that stands out amongst the crowd.

  3. 03. Digital Media

    From augmented reality, RFID to large scale projection mapping, we employ proven technologies to showcase your products.

  4. 04. Graphic Design

    You can trust our team of graphic designers using a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a balanced, focused and symmetrical result.

  5. 05. Film & Video

    Capture your event on film and video by our professional team of videographers.

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